Adam’s Camp

Intermediate and advanced riders can climb Hardy Haul and descend on fast, sinuous Kimmer’s Trail. Riders pedaling from town can climb Pipeline, which begins across from the Stowe High School on Barrows Rd., and follow the signs to cross (no fee) the Trapp Family Lodge network and take Luce Hill Road to the Haul Rd. towards Kimmer’s. Use Double Bypass to avoid the lung-busting “Chute” climb on the Haul Rd.

Note: Full access to the Trapp Family Lodge network requires a trail pass which can be purchased at the Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center.

Cady Hill Forest

Riders can take Cady Hill Climb trail up to the Green Chair Overlook. Descend on the bermed Upper Bear’s trail before continuing on Bear’s trail singletrack to return to the parking lot. For more berms, add Cady Hill Connector out up and up to Florence; descending Florence you can then return to Cady Hill Connector via Snake. Mix up the machine built flow with hand built classics like Bridgey and Zog’s. Advanced riders will enjoy classic technical singletrack on the Schween Haus loops.

Sterling Valley

Beginners should head out from the end of Sterling Gorge Rd., crossing the bridge to the trailhead on the right; ride past the pond to enjoy Maple Run out and back. Intermediates will enjoy a quick ride on Split Rock trail which begins 0.25 mi back on Sterling Valley Rd. or Callagy’s Trail right from the parking area.

For a remote, backcountry feel, head out Maple Run, climbing the Billings Rd. single and doubletrack, and returning on the Catamount Trail (Eight Bridges trail). Advanced riders can add the challenging Lauren’s Loop and Peak-A-View loop at the top of Billings Rd., returning on the Catamount Trail (Eight Bridges).

For an even longer ride, start from Split Rock Trail on Sterling Valley Rd. and use the VAST trail to connect to the back of Callagy’s. Upon returning to the parking lot, take the Catamount Trail to Maple Run, climbing Billings Rd to the Peak-a-View lookout. Descend via Lauren’s Loop to Eight Bridges returning to your car via the Catamount Trail.